Are you stuck on deciding what and if brain supplement to choose from? This is not uncommon as there are a lot of cognitive enhancers around these days and it gets very hard to see the forest through the trees. While doing your search, however, there is one drug that is most likely to pop out more often as recommended for a beginner and that is piracetam.

Piracetam is one of the most ancient of all artificial nootropics which is a derivative of a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called GABA. This drug was first designed in the 1960’s and upon its discovery, most scientists were excited about its impressive ability to improve cognitive potential. Most scientists, however, did not know about the molecular mechanisms that resulted in the improved cognitive ability and still up to date they do not know about it. However, this has not stopped them from experimenting with various components in the lab in order to result to piracetam.

Back in the 1970’s this drug began being used for clinical purposes and since then, it has continued to be used for various clinical purposes such as treatment of schizophrenia, alcoholism as well as other cases of cognitive impairment that may be found within people. Read about best nootropics here.

It may also be used by healthy people. The effect it has on wide people are as described below:  better communication, improvement in memory functioning as well as improved learning. It is also said that its use inhibits the aging process of the brain and hence maintaining it at an optimal condition. Another impressive feature is that it lowers the alcohol damaging effects on an individual. Quite impressive features ain’t they? It is worth noting that this drug has no side effects. Learn more about brains at

So what mechanisms are responsible for piracetam’s positive effect?

The mechanisms for these drugs positive effects are not completely understood today. There are some bits of information that we have though. For instance, piracetam interacts with some receptor neurons that cause a modulation of icon carries and channel that then causes the neuron to enter an excited state that is responsible for the general enhancement of general cognitive enhancement. This nootropics supplement also helps in improving the functioning of the neurotransmitter systems such as the glutamatergic system and cholinergic system. Making piracetam to be an all-rounder among all the brain supplements available. Not also forgetting that it increases the flow of oxygen and blood to some parts of the brain.


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